Sunday, January 30, 2005

of paints and color

My sister will be moving to their new house sometime this month. Though they are not allowed yet to do renovation since she is much preggy, she is already asking me to do the painting job.. Yup! You read it right, to do the painting... the walls, the ceilings, not the floor. Actually, I started getting offers from other people to do the painting of their house (interior) after they saw what I did to our sala and kitchen. I did the color mixing and the actual painting. I will show you a pic of it next time.

Of course, her dear ate said Yes.. I hope to learn to say No in the future. Painting chores are tasking and dangerous to my Pinoy nose. It took me three weeks to complete the painting since I had to stop when I needed to go to Cebu to attend a seminar for four days. Then the chores had to compete with school and work and lovelife. hehehe......

But gladly it turned out fine. I am really happy about it. My next assignment will be my room then the rooms upstairs (third floor). As early as now, I am thinking of better color combination. I liking mixing colors. I have been doing it since college whenever we have to do some stage shows. I preferred to work off stage..


Currently busy with coloring books

Friday, January 28, 2005

bibili na ako ng hearing aid...

Hindi ko alam kung bakit may pagkabingi ako lalo na sa telepono. Wala akong magagawa kundi pakiusapan ang kausap ko na lakasan ang boses niya o dili kaya ay ulitin ang kanyang sinabi. Kadalasan tuloy pinagtatawanan ako ni Tot dahil bingi ako. Aminado naman ako eh. I don't know what went wrong with my hearing.... Naglilinis naman ako ng tenga ko ah... hehehehe...

I am not in my uniform today. I just don't feel like being one with the rest today. Aside from the fact that I do not like today uniform because of its color, fabric and style, I do not feel to properly dress up. Can it be considered a Friday sickness? Perhaps, a form of it...

Now it is confirmed, younger sis' 2nd child is a girl...YIPEEE!!!!! After four nephews, I would love to buy those cute little pink dress for our little Aloudia. We would be glad to welcome her in this world come May... I am so excited... mas masarap kasi bihisan ang batang babae eh... alam mo yun..ang daming cute na damit.. yung mga colorful na kikay clothes plus those accessories... hehehe... basta i am excited

currently reading: Eleven Minutes

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Monday, January 24, 2005

what's with me this 2005?

after reading scout's blog, i realized that i haven't made any new year's resolution for 2005. a new year's resolution? not really... i just realized that i do not have any plans to pursue this year yet... i guess it is being normal to have one at least. and at least to encourage me to attain a goal whether it is "big-time" or not...


  • Learn how to play the guitar. At least memorize one or two songs...
  • Finish all units required for a teaching program certificate. Board exam is scheduled this August and I am eager to take and pass it then pursue Special Education Teaching Certificate
  • Read more books/e-books. I am done with four Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, The Deception Point (e-books). I am starting with Tuesdays with Morrie (e-book). I still have to finish Coehlo's Eleven Minutes (hardcopy). I am now reading Last Wish (Betty Rollin)
  • Finish my pending cross stitch patterns. I still have three to finish - two dolphin patterns and a rabbit pattern.
  • Paint my room. Perhaps this summer. but actually this is least of my concern unless there is a helpful soul who will volunteer to paint my room for free.. Let me see those hands, please
  • Study, whether in a training center or through tutorial, some computer troubleshooting. I badly need this one... I have my soundcard already but I do not know how to install the hardware.
  • Focus more on my writing. I have so many ideas but i find no time to put them on a paper or perhaps on this space. So when in the future, Mark of asked for a piece, I have lots to contribute... hehehe....
  • Get serious with SBD. Be disciplined enough to succeed with my own version of southbeach diet... i badly need to lose more weight!!!!!!!!!
  • Get debt-free! Oh yeah, this is difficult to do. But at least to be able to manage my finances and settle my financial obligations is a big feather on my cap. Anyway, I am glad that slowly I have been attending into this... ika nga eh paunti-unti)
  • Buy a new polish. AND THAT IS TONIGHT!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005 last....

For sometime now, you have been reading so much about my heart condition.. nope, not a sort of a cardiac arrest.. lolz... but my breaking heart... with that i have been missing to share with you the other aspects of my life... Well i almost forgot that I am also a living person not only a loving person... i think, i breathe not only to love and care for this person, but also to connect with other people who might be more interested to know other things about my life other than my so-called-lovelife...

At last, I am through with my assigned reports in my two subjects for this semester. Yup, sabay ang schedule nila! Actually I was supposed to deliver my reports last Saturday, however my professors were too enthusiatic to be stopped from their sharing... hehehe... I came so prepared last Saturday that I was not able to focus n my review for our mid-term exam (Educ 104). Just the same, I am glad I made it....

Now I have to start attending to the final requirements of the two subjects.. a module and a portfolio plus we have to do micro-teaching individually infront of the class... hehehe.. i still do not have any topic for the module on our curriculum development subject... On the other hand, the lesson plan we prepared individually would be the same one that we are going to use for our micro-teaching... One semester more and I am done with this... oooppss.. review and board exam pa pala... sus! mahirap talaga ang mag-career shift...

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I remember the time when we went out and had videoke in Malate... Kinanta niya ang kantang ito. Nagulat na lang ako noong umiyak siya... Natigilan ako... I asked why, pero hindi niya sinagot... Pag-uwi namin sa kanya-kanyang bahay, nag-text ako

to ask again kung bakit siya umiyak, instead of answering me directly, nag-text siya...

Wen she luks at me

I knw d girl c tings

Nbody else cn c

ol d secrets fears inside

nd ol d emptinesI hyd

She luks n2 my soul

lyk nbody else

And she dsn't judge the bu**h

She just takes me as I am

Sa akin lang daw siya nagiging totoo.. kung anong klase siyang tao.. yung totoo niyang pagkatao na hindi niya maipakita sa iba... Alam niya na hindi ko siya huhusgahan kung ano sya dahil tanggap ko kung ano siya... Hindi ako napakabait na tao.. Hindi rin naman ako napakasalbahe... Pero i do my best na maintindihan ko ang lahat ng nangyayari... pero dumarating ang punto na palpak din ako... minsan aminado ako.. minsan matindi ang defense mechanism ko... Pero kahit ano pa siya, narito ako para sa kanya...

Come what may, she believes

And that faith is something

I've never known before

Come what may, she loves me

And that love has helped me open a door

Making me love myself a little more

Kapag magkasama kami, alam kong at ease siya. Kasi nagiging totoo siya sa sarili niya. Hindi na niya ikinukubli ang sarili niya... Sumpungin man siya, maiintindihan ko. May sarili man siyang mundo, mauunawaan ko. Siguro ganoon ako sa kanya...

Bakit? Tinatanong pa ba iyon?

When I turn away

She knows those are the times

There's nothing she can say

Nothing that anyone can do

And so she lets me live it trough

And when I'm in my darkest hours of uncertainty

She just simply lets me be

And goes right on loving me

Alam mo nasa punto ka na naguguluhan kung ano ba ang gusto mong gawin.... sabi mo nga kung alam mo lang at kung kaya mong gawin kung ano ang tama, nagawa mo na matagal na. Pero alam mo naman kung ano ang tama at kung ano ang dapat. May buhay ka na dapat harapin... yung buhay na gusto nila para sa iyo na gusto mo rin matupad para naman matulungan mo na ang mga gusto mong matulungan. Sige lang, nasa iyo ang panahon para mag-isip... Darating din naman ang araw na magkakausap tayo at mismo sa harap mo uulitin ko ang mga nasabi ko na

sa iyo dati pa.

Come what may, she believes

And that faith is something

I've never known before

Come what may, she loves me

And that love has helped me open a door

Making me love myself a little more

And when it seems my dreams

Have all slipped through my fingers

When they just can't be found

I turn around and there they are

Shining in her eyes

Ilang beses ko na ba sinabi sa iyo, narito lang ako... Ilang beses na ba tayo pumalpak? Ilang beses na rin tayo bumangon? basta narito lang ako, hindi kita ipamimigay... hindi kita ipapaagaw...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

...Since you first believed...

It was you who first believed

In all that I was made to be

It was you looking in my eyes

You held my hand

And showed me life

And I've never been the same

Since you first believed

he made it to NYSD


Name : F............ E..... N...



License No: 026786

Date of Licensure : 12/17/04

Additional Qualification : Not applicable in this profession


Registered through last day of : 11/07


After hibernating for sometime, finally I saw him online... I can't remember when was the last time we exchanged new things about ourselves. We have been busy with work and school. He is getting a second degree while I am doing some post-grad stuff as a preparation for a career shift. He was my classmate in high school who turned to be my bestfriend. I am comfotable with him.

He asked me to search for his name on the Internet... I do not have any idea why he making that request... hehehe.. Eventually, he wanted to tell me that he already passed the PT state board of NY.. and his name is on the list of PT professionals in the Big Apple.. Gosh, I am so proud of him... So proud of him... For you , I wish all the best... Pero teka, di ba bago ka pumunta dyan sa US sabi mo pakakasalan mo kami ni Tonet para magkaroon din kami ng green card? hehehe.. Do not worry, may divorce naman eh.. hehehe