Sunday, October 29, 2017

the sunday currently vol. 1

reading some online articles on intermittent fasting. I have been reading about it since i have seen several success stories. and honestly amazed with how they managed to stay with that lifestyle

writing some pages of my book (super super super due but I am glad that I have the best and kindest editor and publisher in the whole wide world). I'm writing some blog posts to. actually i have started several drafts now and i need to find time to finish them off one by one. 
listening to the sound of my air conditioning unit in the room. i am not sure if it is telling me that he needs to get fresh with a good bath. maybe next week when the service man is available. 
thinking about about my scorecard. at the rate my surveys are coming, i hope i still can get a C instead of a D. whew! 
smelling cigarette smoke!!!! no one is smoking right now in the room... and i do not hear anyone in the hall way but why am i smelling cigarette smoke? phantom smoke? scary  
wishing for that one thing to happen soon... keeping my fingers crossed! 
hoping to get a C in my scorecard
wearing green top, black shorts, eyeglasses.. yes, i have my panties on
loving  this chance to be able to blog again. 
wanting to rearrange the room again to keep every piece multifunctional to save on space 
needing a good massage. i am not sure what is happening with my right knee but when i get up from a long sit, it pains so much. but when i start to walk a bit then little more minute, it gets normal again. 
feeling, inspired to get things done. i have so much in my mind lately that i am putting in my vision board and get them realized soon 
clicking this decade-old computer mouse and laptop keyboard 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Pamasahe Challenge Update

So after my 10-day pamahase challenge, how did I fare? Not so very good but not that bad also.

After the first five days of the challenge,  I spent less than one thousand pesos expected if I will take two-cab rides a day. So instead, I only spent  Php328 for the week. That amount already included a cab ride going to work on two consecutive days.  I had to take a cab not   because of the transportation strike, but it was because I woke up and prepared late for work so I needed to hurry up. Sad thing is, I ended late in one of those days.

The following week, the same amount and same scenario. I woke up late so I had to hurry up and took a cab.

So 328 plus 328 = PHP656, not bad to compare with the usual amount I had to spend for my fare when I am taking a cab ride to and from work.

Realizing all these things, it was not about the money. I came to realize how I took for granted the time and some people expecting me to be there at the specific time that I need to be there.

But Lord, I hope they can be forgiving since my heart and mind are willing but this elderly body is starting to appreciate my bed these days.

Am I up to another the same challenge? Not anymore, but I will make sure that I will value time that I will wake up earlier, prepare for work earlier and come to work as earlier as possible. So goodbye cab ride and I hope to spend  PHP 320 for my transportation in the next ten working days!

First Post:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cardio 30-day Challenge (Modified)

I have to be honest that I failed the first time I did this Cardio challenge. Why? It was difficult for my weight to do the two exercises here. Since I am too heavy, my knees and ankles get too painful even for a few tries. So I stopped. But I wanted to do this again because it felt good and these cardio exercises  really made me sweat a lot. 

Good thing when I was browsing online, I stumbled upon this website ( that offers modifications for these exercises. 

I tried it for few counts and the good news is, I can do them easier than the full exercises. So I hope this time since my lazy ass has no more excuses, I can complete this challenge one at a time. 

I will start my Day 1 tomorrow. I will keep you posted. 

(Note: I am not paid to promote or endorse them. It just happened that they have the modified exercises I need right now.)