Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cardio 30-day Challenge (Modified)

I have to be honest that I failed the first time I did this Cardio challenge. Why? It was difficult for my weight to do the two exercises here. Since I am too heavy, my knees and ankles get too painful even for a few tries. So I stopped. But I wanted to do this again because it felt good and these cardio exercises  really made me sweat a lot. 

Good thing when I was browsing online, I stumbled upon this website ( that offers modifications for these exercises. 

I tried it for few counts and the good news is, I can do them easier than the full exercises. So I hope this time since my lazy ass has no more excuses, I can complete this challenge one at a time. 

I will start my Day 1 tomorrow. I will keep you posted. 

(Note: I am not paid to promote or endorse them. It just happened that they have the modified exercises I need right now.)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pamasahe Challenge

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I have another personal project. Yeah, so many projects but they are of different importance and reasons.

Pamasahe (Fare) Challenge is my latest personal project. Lately, I realized that I have been spending too much of what I planned to for my two-week fare to and from work.  And I need to assess why and start all over again.

When I decided to go back to work, I really planned to work somewhere near where I live now so less time to commute and less money to spend on fare.  Normally, I just need to spend 12 pesos (less than a quarter) for a bus ride going to work after a few minutes walking to get to the bus stop and another 12 pesos to get home after less than a ten-minute walk. So imagine that I only need to spend 240 pesos for my two-week fare? But what happened that I spent more these past days. Imagine that I get to spend my two-week fare just in a day going to and from work?

Well, I realized that it started when I went under the knife last July then again in August. Since I had difficulties to step on my right foot and walk even for a short distance, I took the cab for several days going to and from work since I did not want to miss work. Then again when I had the coin-sized mass on my head removed. Since then, I was like get used to take a cab every day without realizing that it is draining my pocket.

So for two days now, I have been keeping up with my Pamasahe Challenge. If I spend 200 - 240 pesos every day for a cab, now with this personal project I should only spend 20-32 pesos only. If you do the math, I get to spend in two-weeks time what I usually spend for a cab in a day only. 

I hope I can continue with this project for the next 8 working days. Then keep it up for another ten days until it gets next to me skin. 

Maybe you are wondering why it seems to be a big deal for me that I would do a personal project for this. Not because of the money, but I realized that the more I take a cab, the more I make excuses for my other activities. 

Because I can take the cab to work, I did not care what time I should wake up to prepare for work as long as I can take a bath and dress up, and that's it. 

Because I can take a cab to go home, I did not care if I had enough steps to exercise my legs even for a few minutes. 

See, it is important because it affects my time management and my health. 

I will keep you updated how I keep up with my Pamasahe Challenge next week.

(Please excuse the grammar mistakes for now.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Back for Good...

Yes, you read it right. I have been away for too long. Been through a lot of these months ..eeerr... years that I have been away from your eyes. I preferred actually to stay away while I was trying to pick up pieces of me where I left them. But the good thing about picking up those pieces is I was able to pick some things up that added to what has become of me now. Emotions, maturity, wisdom, and more. So I guess it is indeed true that life really starts when you get 40. Well, I'll soon be 42. Anyway, what is more important now is that I am back! Follow my blog with Bloglovin