Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! A Road to a New Me!

Happy New Year, boys and girls! I am still alive and kicking! 

So what did you have for your New Year's celebration? Our table is different as we welcome the new year to be compared with the previous years. There's chicken and fish now and green salad too. Some sweets but more fruits. We skipped pasta this time because we have no time to cook but Menudo was the star of the table for a change. 

It must be the food and amount of it I ate that I felt a little dizzy and uncomfortable to move. So I skipped work for the first two days of the year, then went to do a blood work and see my doctor a day before my scheduled appointment.

So my blood pressure is still high at 140/90. My highest was at 160/90. But my sugar went lower but still not normal. If it used to be 9 then went down to 8 in my previous blood work, now it is at 6.7. I hope it gets 5 by my next blood work. 

Since September when I had the APE and when I last weighed in, I lost 10 lbs already. I hope to lose more in the coming months so I will be in ONEderland by the end of 2018. 

So how will I do that? I am considering the following as part of my lifestyle change

- paleo diet or ketogenic diet 
- intermittent fasting (IF) with calorie deficit

Actually, I have been on semi-IF for the past months. I say semi-IF because I am not jumping into it full time because I want to make sure what works best for me. Currently, I do 12/12 meaning 12 hours fasting while 12 hours eating window. 

But even if I have a 12-hour eating window, I eat every minute of it. I try to eat at 12 hours interval during work days. So I eat only twice but maximum of three times within the allowed time. During off days, I try to follow the same but I eat maximum of four times during the eating period. 

Come next week, I will start 14/10. This means I fast 14 hours then manage to eat within the 10-hour window within 1200 calories. Less carbs, high good protein/fats, low salt, more water, no soda or sweet drinks. 

I just need to improve my usual 15-minute walk during lunchtime. I think this is not enough to keep me moving. I must take this seriously because I know a lot of people's lives are at stake when I stop fighting for my health. 

With being more positive, I greet you a truly Happy New Year! 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from the hypertensive and diabetic me!

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Unlike in the past years, I am celebrating my Christmas differently this year. When I got the results of my annual physical examination which was held last September, I was really surprised to see the results. Well, I was expecting that it will show I am obese and some possible diseases that I have due to my weight. 

My results woke me up. I am Class III obese - the highest level or the morbidly obesity type. I am also hypertensive and already diabetic with sugar as high as 9 when the normal ranges 3-5 in the scale. 

It was suggested that I visit an ophthalmologist since there was an error in refraction. I also needed to see an internal medicine doctor or an endocrinologist for further works. I was also suggested to do a not less than 150-minute moderate activity every week. 

I was bit depressed looking back  between September and December when I underwent the APE and the time that I learned the results. I almost killed myself then if I did not change the way I was eating and if I did not take my 15-minute walk during lunchtime. I wonder if I could still be tying here right at this moment. 

But God did not need me yet to join him so I am here. So when I got the results, within that week, I seek an ophthalmologist  and internal medicine doctor specializing in hypertensive in Manila Adventist Hospital. They were both surprised with my APE results. My error in refraction was brought about by my high sugar. And would you believe, my BP then went as high as 160-90 which is too abnormal for the usual-low-BP me. 

So I was given two kinds of medicine - one for my BP and other one for my diabetes. I need to control both and asked to come back after two weeks for another lab results. My next blood works and check up would be a three days after New Year's celebration. Oh my let us see then. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

the sunday currently vol. 1

reading some online articles on intermittent fasting. I have been reading about it since i have seen several success stories. and honestly amazed with how they managed to stay with that lifestyle

writing some pages of my book (super super super due but I am glad that I have the best and kindest editor and publisher in the whole wide world). I'm writing some blog posts to. actually i have started several drafts now and i need to find time to finish them off one by one. 
listening to the sound of my air conditioning unit in the room. i am not sure if it is telling me that he needs to get fresh with a good bath. maybe next week when the service man is available. 
thinking about about my scorecard. at the rate my surveys are coming, i hope i still can get a C instead of a D. whew! 
smelling cigarette smoke!!!! no one is smoking right now in the room... and i do not hear anyone in the hall way but why am i smelling cigarette smoke? phantom smoke? scary  
wishing for that one thing to happen soon... keeping my fingers crossed! 
hoping to get a C in my scorecard
wearing green top, black shorts, eyeglasses.. yes, i have my panties on
loving  this chance to be able to blog again. 
wanting to rearrange the room again to keep every piece multifunctional to save on space 
needing a good massage. i am not sure what is happening with my right knee but when i get up from a long sit, it pains so much. but when i start to walk a bit then little more minute, it gets normal again. 
feeling, inspired to get things done. i have so much in my mind lately that i am putting in my vision board and get them realized soon 
clicking this decade-old computer mouse and laptop keyboard