Monday, January 24, 2005

what's with me this 2005?

after reading scout's blog, i realized that i haven't made any new year's resolution for 2005. a new year's resolution? not really... i just realized that i do not have any plans to pursue this year yet... i guess it is being normal to have one at least. and at least to encourage me to attain a goal whether it is "big-time" or not...


  • Learn how to play the guitar. At least memorize one or two songs...
  • Finish all units required for a teaching program certificate. Board exam is scheduled this August and I am eager to take and pass it then pursue Special Education Teaching Certificate
  • Read more books/e-books. I am done with four Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, The Deception Point (e-books). I am starting with Tuesdays with Morrie (e-book). I still have to finish Coehlo's Eleven Minutes (hardcopy). I am now reading Last Wish (Betty Rollin)
  • Finish my pending cross stitch patterns. I still have three to finish - two dolphin patterns and a rabbit pattern.
  • Paint my room. Perhaps this summer. but actually this is least of my concern unless there is a helpful soul who will volunteer to paint my room for free.. Let me see those hands, please
  • Study, whether in a training center or through tutorial, some computer troubleshooting. I badly need this one... I have my soundcard already but I do not know how to install the hardware.
  • Focus more on my writing. I have so many ideas but i find no time to put them on a paper or perhaps on this space. So when in the future, Mark of asked for a piece, I have lots to contribute... hehehe....
  • Get serious with SBD. Be disciplined enough to succeed with my own version of southbeach diet... i badly need to lose more weight!!!!!!!!!
  • Get debt-free! Oh yeah, this is difficult to do. But at least to be able to manage my finances and settle my financial obligations is a big feather on my cap. Anyway, I am glad that slowly I have been attending into this... ika nga eh paunti-unti)
  • Buy a new polish. AND THAT IS TONIGHT!!!

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