Sunday, January 30, 2005

of paints and color

My sister will be moving to their new house sometime this month. Though they are not allowed yet to do renovation since she is much preggy, she is already asking me to do the painting job.. Yup! You read it right, to do the painting... the walls, the ceilings, not the floor. Actually, I started getting offers from other people to do the painting of their house (interior) after they saw what I did to our sala and kitchen. I did the color mixing and the actual painting. I will show you a pic of it next time.

Of course, her dear ate said Yes.. I hope to learn to say No in the future. Painting chores are tasking and dangerous to my Pinoy nose. It took me three weeks to complete the painting since I had to stop when I needed to go to Cebu to attend a seminar for four days. Then the chores had to compete with school and work and lovelife. hehehe......

But gladly it turned out fine. I am really happy about it. My next assignment will be my room then the rooms upstairs (third floor). As early as now, I am thinking of better color combination. I liking mixing colors. I have been doing it since college whenever we have to do some stage shows. I preferred to work off stage..


Currently busy with coloring books

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