Tuesday, January 18, 2005

he made it to NYSD


Name : F............ E..... N...



License No: 026786

Date of Licensure : 12/17/04

Additional Qualification : Not applicable in this profession


Registered through last day of : 11/07


After hibernating for sometime, finally I saw him online... I can't remember when was the last time we exchanged new things about ourselves. We have been busy with work and school. He is getting a second degree while I am doing some post-grad stuff as a preparation for a career shift. He was my classmate in high school who turned to be my bestfriend. I am comfotable with him.

He asked me to search for his name on the Internet... I do not have any idea why he making that request... hehehe.. Eventually, he wanted to tell me that he already passed the PT state board of NY.. and his name is on the list of PT professionals in the Big Apple.. Gosh, I am so proud of him... So proud of him... For you , I wish all the best... Pero teka, di ba bago ka pumunta dyan sa US sabi mo pakakasalan mo kami ni Tonet para magkaroon din kami ng green card? hehehe.. Do not worry, may divorce naman eh.. hehehe

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