Monday, October 25, 2010

Batibot After Two Decades (?)

Good news. Bad news.
Good news. Batibot is coming back!!! Whew! After two decades(?), Batibot will return to serve as another modern-day babysitter’s tool. Kids love to watch TV and see animals talking, singing, and dancing with humans. Great! I am excited about this. I remember that days when Ate Sienna and Kuya Bodjie will tell stories, teach kids how to count, how to say “po” and “opo”, and a lot more!
I remember that Batibot was a paper of two of my classmates in college. They worked together on the topic. I joined them once to visit the set. I saw Manang Bola, Luningning, Baningning, and Ate Sienna. I was not able to see Pong Pagong ang Kiko Matsing. And I will not be able to see more of them when Batibot returns to TV. 

And that is the bad news! The new version of Batibot will not have my favorite turtle and monkey. This is due to the licensing issue between Philippine Children Television and Sesame Workshop.
One more thing that I will miss about the old Batibot is the great man behind it. The great Rene Villanueva.
Still, I am very happy that the kids today will be able to watch a show that a lot of young adults today enjoyed to watch during their early years.
Are you going to watch the new Batibot? Huwag tutulog-tulog, sabihin agad sa akin ang sagot. ba-be-bi-bo-bu! :p

Monday, October 18, 2010

they eat more but weigh lesser reported it and it is all over the internet pages.

Michael Phelps has been the talk of the Olympic town after bagging 8 golds in various swimming categories in this year's Summer Olympics. Another reason to talk about him is his 12,000-calorie daily intake. I think it is not all about his 30-hour weekly training that let him stay fit. He has good metabolism. He is lucky!!!

Imagine eating 3 fried egg sandwiches, 5-egg omelet, 1 pound pasta and more... then drinking an energy drink (1000) calories to bring all this intake down! He is so lucky!

this reminds me of my classmates in college. we ate together during lunchtime. she would eat 2 cups of rice with viands then after few minutes she will eat an order of cheese burger. Yet, it is not visible in any part of her body. Life is unfair!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back to Walking!

Now that I stay at home most of the time, I want to go back to walking. I badly need one since I am on a sedentary lifestyle. I did a research and I found this schedule to follow to slowly review my passion for walking. This is all I can do at the moment since no chance for me to play badminton since the time I hurt my right shoulder badly.

So Week 1 starts tomorrow, October 16 with a follow up on October 19. Blood Chem is scheduled on Monday.  I also need to replace the battery of my pedometer.
Week Walking schedule** (time, days a week) Weekly total
1 15 minutes, 2 days 30 minutes
2 15 minutes, 3 days 45 minutes
3 20 minutes, 3 days 60 minutes
4 25 minutes, 3 days 75 minutes
5 & 6 30 minutes, 3 days 90 minutes
7 & 8 30 minutes, 4 days 120 minutes
9 & 10 30 minutes, 5 days 150 minutes

Friday, October 15, 2010

100 reasons to lose weight

After reading her post regarding her 100 reasons to lose weight, I asked myself if I also have 100 reasons to lose weight.

I kave several reasons. I will start to make the list and will update every now and then,

1. To fit to my old clothes

2. To be fit and healthy
3. To avoid diseases related to obesity