Monday, October 18, 2010

they eat more but weigh lesser reported it and it is all over the internet pages.

Michael Phelps has been the talk of the Olympic town after bagging 8 golds in various swimming categories in this year's Summer Olympics. Another reason to talk about him is his 12,000-calorie daily intake. I think it is not all about his 30-hour weekly training that let him stay fit. He has good metabolism. He is lucky!!!

Imagine eating 3 fried egg sandwiches, 5-egg omelet, 1 pound pasta and more... then drinking an energy drink (1000) calories to bring all this intake down! He is so lucky!

this reminds me of my classmates in college. we ate together during lunchtime. she would eat 2 cups of rice with viands then after few minutes she will eat an order of cheese burger. Yet, it is not visible in any part of her body. Life is unfair!

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