Monday, October 22, 2007

First U. S. Sudoku Winner

Check this link for the news!

I play sudoku, whether on print or online. Yes, i also got its electronic version that I bought in the Manila Book Fair.

Playing Sudoku is really a challenge, what more if you are aiming to best more than a thousand players. I am not sure thoguth how many Filipinos are into. Based on available puzzle books and reference guide on how to play it. I think there are more Pinoys are playing it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Royal Residence in London - When would it be?

It has been a dream to visit new places. For now, I am exploring the beautiful island of the Philippines. Mind you, i save up for a new months before I can really pursue a tour to a place in this island.
If given a chance, I would like to visit few cities around the globe. I would love to Tokyo and give Mickey Mouse a kiss. I will go to one of the electronic stores in Singapore to buy a laptop and a digicam then get a rebate on my way home to Manila. A walkathon around New York sound good to me. I will let my feet get tired as I spend the day around NY busy streets. Maybe I could meet with my long-time friend, Eli. And of course, I would love to visit the Queen. London is a seat of fashion civilization!
The spendthrift me usually look out for something that would let me enjoy my tour or trip without spending too much. From food to tour packages and something I can bring home as a proof I have been to that destination.
Now I wonder, would a London accommodation cost too much for a spendthrift like me who wants to enjoy the granduer of the Queen's territory? I hope not. Of course, staying in Kensington Place is asking too much. And I guess if it is a hotel, my budget won't permit so. But I can keep a view of the Palace if I stay witin the area without hurting my wallet too much.
How about booking myself online? Why? I guess it is easier and can assure me to get the best offer in where to stay in London.
One problem solved. Now another problem to solve. When will I go to London?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

where did i get wrong?

i guess trusting too much.
i guess letting them depend on me too much.
i guess letting them abuse me to the limit.

but not anymore.

now i am putting a wall.

i am me. you will stay as you are.

you are you. i will let you know who am i.

it is up to you to rest yourself on that space.

a friend. a co-worker.

you can be one of the two. both. or none.

yes, i am disappointed with you.

Monday, October 1, 2007

my plans to be free from my present financial status

I have been working for a decade now. And I can say that I am just starting to save for myself. I spent most of my earnings for my schooling - graduate school, short courses, certifications- and helping my family.

Fortunately, I must say that among my sisters I have the means to help my family. Not only my parents or my sisters but also my nephews. In the previous years, I never thought that one day I would also be in need of money for my hospitalization or for other emergency need. So I asked myself, if this time comes, where would I run to for help? If they are depending on me financially somehow, can I also depend on them in the future?

I have to realistic and practical.

After the realization, I revisit my bank account. Zero. I revisited my debts' list. Plenty. I have three credit cards with which I depend upon for grocery or medicines whenever I ran out of cash. I use the plastic money whenever I want to buy something.

I am not in good shape financially speaking. I have to do something. Or else I will be in debt all my life.

So when I received a big amount of money last July. I saved a portion of it. I used a portion to pay some portions of my two credit cards. I also learned to avail of paylite installment plan whenever I use my plastic money so I will be paid in full with interest of course in a more definite time rather than paying only the minimum amount due or a little over that. If I need to have it paid in full within three months or six months, that is better for me. I also applied to pay my biggest outstanding balance within nine months.

I now spend lesser. I save a portion of my salary in bank. I use a bigger portion of it in my buy and sell business. The money I save in bank cannot accumulate the interest I earn in investing my money in buy and sell. Five peso profit is still a five-peso profit for every item I sell. And I cannot easily have in my bank account.

I intend to stick with my plan to pay my two credit cards and have it cancelled for a while. I will just stick with a single credit card. It is useful whenever I travel and for emergency expenses.

I need to cut back in online purchases. I need to cut back in riding a taxi cab. I need to cut back in buying unnecessary things. I need to cut back in paying for others.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

no TV in 2009????

it is not in the philippines of course. who cares about it if that would be in the country. many households have survived without TV so no difference at all if TV will be phased.

but the demolition of your usual analog TV will happen on Feb 17, 2009 in the United States. All analog TV must be replaced with digital TV. so where are they going to dump their waste?

and why am i asking? as if i do not know...

so, let us expect that come months after feb 2009, there will be more TVs in most third world countries.

Monday, August 27, 2007

healthy Dunkin Donuts!

Dunkin Donuts announced that they will make their donuts better.

this is good news to me since i usually bring donuts for my nephews and niece. of course, when it is already eating time, their tita should have a taste of it too.

read more about it here

Sunday, August 26, 2007

bonding time!

last friday, at last after so many rescheduling, i saw ebs again. ebs is not her real name but that is our terms of endearment. long story.

anyway, we watched EKSENA at Purple haze bar and Cafe at the corner of morato and e. rod. there were three shorts presented and bands were scheduled to play after the film showing. we arrived so early since we thought that since it is a film showing, one must not be late. but we arrived just as early as the organizers did. whew!

after the film showing and time for us to leave, people were starting to arrive. hhhhmmmm cute cute guysssssss ebs also wanted to stay should she lives nearby but she stays in marikina. traveling alone to marikina is not that advisable i must say.

but of course we had good time.. good laughs... and a good drink. the ticket costs 100 bucks consumable of one drink. i drank ebs' colt beer after mine.

by the way, i suggest Purple Haze bar and Cafe if you are into Bob marley, reggae and rock and roll.. drinks and foods are so affordable... imagine san mig costs only 34 pesos... i know in other bars, it costs around 65-75 pesos.

ebs, thanks for the great time.. looking forward to our next date.. of course this time tag along marinella.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

it is may already and I am not successful

when i modified this space, my objective was to chronicle my weightloss journey. now i have been guilty of so many reasons. since i started with my other job, my daily schedule was in chaos. I wake up at 9 am to hurry to go to the morning job which runs until 4pm. my night job starts at 5pm until 9pm. i reach home by 10pm and have a decent meal since i cannot afford to eat in day time. and then stay up late until 2am to prepare my lessons for the following day.

i think i added more inches around my waist. tsk...

but classes are over and i am preparing for the next batch. i have a better schedule now. my class is from monday to friday, 8am to 12noon. i can have a decent lunch and my next job starts at 1pm until 7pm perhaps. i can do my night walking and be home at around 830pm. i am planning to skip dinner or have a very light dinner and sleep at 12 midnight. then wake up at 6am in the morning since i need to leave by 7am.

I hope this time this works. i am hope God will bless me more with discipline to be able to do it right this time.

i have been collecting my memories of the past. meaning what i did in the past when i was able to successfully lose 40 lbs from my weight. I felt so light then and active. honestly, i am eager to lose now since i no longer feel good about myself.

Monday, February 26, 2007

CNN reports on binge eating

I read the latest report on binge eating.. CNN features it today in their newscast.
Read more here..

I agree to the situation of Natalie.. I think more and more Filipinos can be classified as binge eaters. We eat while we work as we listen to the music while we work. I guess music and food have become Pinoys scapegoat from gruesome work which can lead to stress and anxiety. Music and food help us to take our load lightly.

But studies have shown that binge eating is one of the primary factors why there is an increasing rate of obesity not only in our country but more significantly in the Caucasian race.

I am also guilty on this. Most of hte time to help me finish a work, I listen to music.. But most of the time i prefer to have some snacks on my table while completing a task... at least I am not taking my work that much..

Thursday, February 8, 2007

back to basics

i went out last night to watch Agot isidro's concert at the music museum. actually, my dearest ebs got complimentary tickets for two and she tagged me along... she made the right decision.. hehehe.. i enjoyed the concert. it was a blend of music and laughter. as usual, the company was a blast. moy ortiz is great.


i am considering to buy weighing scale and pedometer (the one used to count your steps). weighing scale is fine in the budget... but the pedometer is somehow costly for me these days.... it costs more than 2,000 pesos and i cannot shell out that much at the moment. i am saving for my tuition fee for that 5-day training.

not much actually... laterz