Sunday, August 26, 2007

bonding time!

last friday, at last after so many rescheduling, i saw ebs again. ebs is not her real name but that is our terms of endearment. long story.

anyway, we watched EKSENA at Purple haze bar and Cafe at the corner of morato and e. rod. there were three shorts presented and bands were scheduled to play after the film showing. we arrived so early since we thought that since it is a film showing, one must not be late. but we arrived just as early as the organizers did. whew!

after the film showing and time for us to leave, people were starting to arrive. hhhhmmmm cute cute guysssssss ebs also wanted to stay should she lives nearby but she stays in marikina. traveling alone to marikina is not that advisable i must say.

but of course we had good time.. good laughs... and a good drink. the ticket costs 100 bucks consumable of one drink. i drank ebs' colt beer after mine.

by the way, i suggest Purple Haze bar and Cafe if you are into Bob marley, reggae and rock and roll.. drinks and foods are so affordable... imagine san mig costs only 34 pesos... i know in other bars, it costs around 65-75 pesos.

ebs, thanks for the great time.. looking forward to our next date.. of course this time tag along marinella.

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