Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Royal Residence in London - When would it be?

It has been a dream to visit new places. For now, I am exploring the beautiful island of the Philippines. Mind you, i save up for a new months before I can really pursue a tour to a place in this island.
If given a chance, I would like to visit few cities around the globe. I would love to Tokyo and give Mickey Mouse a kiss. I will go to one of the electronic stores in Singapore to buy a laptop and a digicam then get a rebate on my way home to Manila. A walkathon around New York sound good to me. I will let my feet get tired as I spend the day around NY busy streets. Maybe I could meet with my long-time friend, Eli. And of course, I would love to visit the Queen. London is a seat of fashion civilization!
The spendthrift me usually look out for something that would let me enjoy my tour or trip without spending too much. From food to tour packages and something I can bring home as a proof I have been to that destination.
Now I wonder, would a London accommodation cost too much for a spendthrift like me who wants to enjoy the granduer of the Queen's territory? I hope not. Of course, staying in Kensington Place is asking too much. And I guess if it is a hotel, my budget won't permit so. But I can keep a view of the Palace if I stay witin the area without hurting my wallet too much.
How about booking myself online? Why? I guess it is easier and can assure me to get the best offer in where to stay in London.
One problem solved. Now another problem to solve. When will I go to London?


  1. wahehe!

    ako australia gusto ko puntahan. ;)

  2. hehehe... that would be my last destination..


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