Thursday, February 8, 2007

back to basics

i went out last night to watch Agot isidro's concert at the music museum. actually, my dearest ebs got complimentary tickets for two and she tagged me along... she made the right decision.. hehehe.. i enjoyed the concert. it was a blend of music and laughter. as usual, the company was a blast. moy ortiz is great.


i am considering to buy weighing scale and pedometer (the one used to count your steps). weighing scale is fine in the budget... but the pedometer is somehow costly for me these days.... it costs more than 2,000 pesos and i cannot shell out that much at the moment. i am saving for my tuition fee for that 5-day training.

not much actually... laterz

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  1. Sexy!! Hehehe. I posted a video I found somewhere. I'm sure you'll find it funny!


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