Monday, February 26, 2007

CNN reports on binge eating

I read the latest report on binge eating.. CNN features it today in their newscast.
Read more here..

I agree to the situation of Natalie.. I think more and more Filipinos can be classified as binge eaters. We eat while we work as we listen to the music while we work. I guess music and food have become Pinoys scapegoat from gruesome work which can lead to stress and anxiety. Music and food help us to take our load lightly.

But studies have shown that binge eating is one of the primary factors why there is an increasing rate of obesity not only in our country but more significantly in the Caucasian race.

I am also guilty on this. Most of hte time to help me finish a work, I listen to music.. But most of the time i prefer to have some snacks on my table while completing a task... at least I am not taking my work that much..

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