Sunday, August 29, 2010

Power 12 Foods: Never Go Hungry

I stumble upon an article on the Net - The Power 12 Foods: Never Go Hungry.

After reading the article, I evaluated my eating habit and came to a realization why I kept on gaining instead of losing. I have been eating the wrong food. Few weeks ago, I bought some packs of oatmeal, But these are the prepared ones - yeah, the flavored ones.. I love the banana, cinnamon, and strawberry flavor actually. I have been accustomed to reading the labels. One ingredient that I have been avoiding is the aspartame. Research shows that it has some bad effects to bones. But yet, I have sweet tooth so I still prefer the flavored oatmeal. And now I am thinking for some alternative to jazz up my unflavored, unsweetened oatmeal.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

12,000 calories?????

I read this from Yahoo.

An athlete eats 12,000 calories a day.... I really envy him! Read more..

On oatmeal..
what i noticed is that i have frequent the CR more than I have done in the previous days.. I remember watching Oprah the other day and fiber was the topic...

Until now I do not drink fruit juices... but next week, after this experiment of eating oatmeal to replace my rice, i will incorporate more fruits and vegetables.

Soon I will be posting my pics.. and more on my progress..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

alternative to rice

I found my alternative to rice! good news, aight?!

I would like to thank those from Pex who really made relevant comments on the food calorie intake I listed. Looking at it, yeah I agree that it may harm me eventually.

After realization, I will try the following:
- avoid rice, fats, sweets.


- no more rice
- no to fried foods (of any kind)
- no to chocolates and juices

So for this week:
- to replace rice, i am having oatmeal for breakfast. Sticky oatmeal to replace rice.. hehehe.. syempre may ulam pa rin.
- no more fruit juices in my grocery list. drink more water. i bought 1.2 tumbler and i will use it to have 2 1.2-liter of water a day as a start.
- more greens!!! i bought three packs for my salad and greens in my sandwiches.
- sandwich for lunch
- nuts for snacks
- cereal drinks as alternative snacks..

To do:
- add fruits