Thursday, August 12, 2010

alternative to rice

I found my alternative to rice! good news, aight?!

I would like to thank those from Pex who really made relevant comments on the food calorie intake I listed. Looking at it, yeah I agree that it may harm me eventually.

After realization, I will try the following:
- avoid rice, fats, sweets.


- no more rice
- no to fried foods (of any kind)
- no to chocolates and juices

So for this week:
- to replace rice, i am having oatmeal for breakfast. Sticky oatmeal to replace rice.. hehehe.. syempre may ulam pa rin.
- no more fruit juices in my grocery list. drink more water. i bought 1.2 tumbler and i will use it to have 2 1.2-liter of water a day as a start.
- more greens!!! i bought three packs for my salad and greens in my sandwiches.
- sandwich for lunch
- nuts for snacks
- cereal drinks as alternative snacks..

To do:
- add fruits

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