Friday, August 26, 2011

Reasons of Losing Weight

There are a thousand reasons why people gain weight and want to lose weight. And I can say I can relate to every reason one has to say. People turn to food for comfort and not noticed that all what they ate have loved all parts of their body. 
I know this. I am familiar with every bit of this. I am this. I can relate because I am what I am talking about. 

Every time I have the chance to watch Heavy on TV, I often find myself crying for small success of those in the show. I also cry for failures they go through. I also cry when they cry while sharing what they have gone through. Some of them embarrass to walk in the streets because people look at them and call them names. But they need to go out and get life because there are lives depending on them. 
To this date, I am not aware how much I have weighed. But I know I have gone bigger because I can no longer wear my last season's clothes and that is terribly bad. 
I have to stop now. I am starting to cry. 

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