Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i walk to lose!

Remember my pedometer? I got it to be able to track down my number of steps in a day. Based on my readings so far, to be able to lose 1000 calories a day, i have to make 10,000 steps. and based on my step performance, i haven't done it yet.

blame it on my sedentary lifestyle brought about by my work. i have to be in front of PC most of the time. and when i get the time to walk, i am almost tired to do it.

so what must i do?

i found a solution which i have been tying and i must say that i am still in a trial stage. i walk when i have the opportunity. for example, instead of taking a trike, i walk. instead of taking a jeep, i walk. instead of getting a lift, i walk.

today, my pedo dido reads: more than 6,000 steps. thanks to my grocery sked. walking around the supermarket helped me reach this far.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

...the undisciplined dieter me...

yes, still no success with my quest to lose even an inch of my size... blame it to food, to work, to schedule.. to me.. yes. to the undisciplined me.

i have been big or horizontally challenged since birth. and until now i am big... hehehe.. well back in 2001, i was able to get rid 30 pounds from my weight then. that was within three months. what did i do? less food intake and walkathon. as in walkathon.

instead of riding a tricycle, i walked. instead of riding another jeepney, i walked. that was my usual activity then. going to and from work was a two-tricycle ride and two jeepney rides. so in the morning, i skipped one tricycle ride. on my way from work. i skipped two-tricycle ride and one-jeepney ride. i am not sure how many minutes did it take but i tell you walking contributed a lot to my weight loss then. plus of course the fact that i ate less as in i tried calorie counting, no rice and cola for me. but of course i never deprived myself of ice cream. one scoop was enough for me.

now i am thinking, if i was able to do it then, why is it a big deal for me now to do it again? is it the lazy me? is it the stubborn me? or it is the tired-at-the-end-of-the-day me? maybe the latter... my work is not into much of physical thing but it tires me out to think and to think...

i hope i can re-do this again... i hope and i wish..