Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i walk to lose!

Remember my pedometer? I got it to be able to track down my number of steps in a day. Based on my readings so far, to be able to lose 1000 calories a day, i have to make 10,000 steps. and based on my step performance, i haven't done it yet.

blame it on my sedentary lifestyle brought about by my work. i have to be in front of PC most of the time. and when i get the time to walk, i am almost tired to do it.

so what must i do?

i found a solution which i have been tying and i must say that i am still in a trial stage. i walk when i have the opportunity. for example, instead of taking a trike, i walk. instead of taking a jeep, i walk. instead of getting a lift, i walk.

today, my pedo dido reads: more than 6,000 steps. thanks to my grocery sked. walking around the supermarket helped me reach this far.

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