Friday, November 11, 2005 horoscope today...

Your long-distance friend has been out of touch with you for what seems like forever. Give it a little more time. Either you'll find a way to live with missing them or you'll get in touch at just the right moment.

I got this from my daily e-mail of horoscope. I am not much nito this but this time I guess I will believe this... hehehe.. well.... no harm i think..

today is the last day of our trainor's training. I am happy from what I gathered from our Dean regarding our performances in the training. I just hope that there was an evaluation afterwards to assess the whole training which would also establish as to whether the training would be helpful and the trainor who facilitated the training is qualified enough... i know she is but i am looking for something else based from the earlier discussions and at the same time from the objectives of the training...


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