Tuesday, November 8, 2005

i am hurt

as much as possible i do not want to blog whenever i am hurt especialy if a very important person in my life is the reason.

Yes, i am hurt.. devastatedly i am... few minutes ago, i cried.. no... i wept... i wept until my tears ran dry... it was not only about being hurt but being hurt by the person i love most.. i care most.. for a reason that i thought was really a matter of our hearts.. i was wrong... the silence between us which i have been broken to know the real story was because of a wrong information that some people gave to this special person...

my first question was why didn't this person ask me if it was true or not... November 9 is our second year anniversary.... two years of many mixed emotions... combination of different experiences... meeting of various moments... but we stood tall inspite of all those... for i thought trust and love can conquer all.... but i was wrong... trust is on the other side of the road and love is travelling alone on this side of the road... and understanding ang forgiveness are not joing their league..

i am writing this at this moment without any idea what would possibly happen later or hours from now or tomorrow... i do not know and i do not want to think about it...

to you.. i know you are not visiting my blog..
anyway.. Happy 2nd Anniversary....

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  1. just bear in mind: everthing that has happened, that is happening and will happen to you has a reason. you know what I've learned all this time? leave everything to Him. He has a way of turning things around. :)


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