Sunday, November 6, 2005

a new life

i am contemplating on changing how this space looks like... it has been like this for quite sometime now and change would not hurt, i guess... hehehe

so many things have been happening with my life at the moment.... some are tolerable.. some are for my professional growth.. sad that i am not working on with my personal growth too much... diet is not working and i think i grew bigger... i hate it...

it is really difficult to go on a diet and to weigh less if you are surrounded with foods around you.... and people who love to eat.... hopeless case i think...

anyway, i didn't attend the oathtaking for Professional Teachers yesterday. I haven't registered myself yet. Maybe I would do that sometime last week of the month.

Next week, our trainor's training will resume. It will be a continuation of IELTS and we will start with TOEFL and TSE. The week after next, classes resume. I am not yet aware with my schedule. Sad thing i cannot pursue my thesis this semester. I still lack the funds to enrol myself. Likewise, I am not sure yet if the subjects I want to take as my refresher are offered. I hope by next school year, I can complete my Master's degree already.

But I am thinking of starting enrolling myself into another Master's program which is in lined with my profession ( hehehe.. sabi kasi nila pag may borad exam eh the word profession should be used) which is teaching... either Language Teaching or Reading. Still undecided.


  1. haha, hirap magpapayat noh? ako din, im on the heavier side na. buti ka pa, kuha ka na PRC ID. ako, 4 years na at hindi pa ako nag-aapply. hehehe. wala kasi ako time. :D ingats palagi.

  2. katamad eh.. at saka dagdag gastos.. but i need to get by the end of the month because it takes them month to release it... well one thing is i missed the oathtaking. all of my classmates attended...


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