Thursday, June 23, 2005

i am now a teacher

it happened so fast.. i saw their ad posting at school last Sunday after my review classes.. i called their office last Monday morning.. then i came to their office to submit my resume and credentials. after the initial interview, they asked me to do demo teaching. After that, a series of interview with the academic head and dean of the college.. the same day, they accepted me...

perhaps they are really in need of a full time instructor. most of the previous applicants wanted a part time stint in the school.

my problem right now is my previous employer. they do not want me to go even i already submitted my resignation letter last May. my last day in office should have been last June 5 2005. but i extended my service due to a certain project.

i have so much to share. so many things to share with you. not only with my new life as an instructor.. oo nga pala, i am happy kasi the dean ranked me as instructor III. i skipped levels 1 and 2 considering that i do not have any teaching experience yet...

i have to keep myself busy. my baby just left the country. i have been crying.. been missing her terribly..


  1. do you really like to be a teacher?

    share ko lnag...

    wow, I come from a family of teachers (although my dad say, during their time they have like no choice but to take that career)and I grew up admiring my dad as well as my aunts/uncles not just because of their success but they showed me that they do take their profession seriously and really have concern for their students...

    Even if I don't know you personally, I feel happy that I have a co-blogger who'd 'make a difference'.. I bow to you..

    Hoping to read more about your adventures..

  2. Honestly, I chose to leave the corporate world and try teaching because that is the easiest way to go abroad, aside of course from Nursing and ICT. But when I joined the teaching force, I learned to love it. The fulfillment is so different. My students show me the purpose of my existence.

    Thank you so much.


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