Saturday, June 25, 2005

..always with you....

i am taking a big leap in my life

i never expected that things will turn out this way.

i asked for a little blessing,

yet God gave me so much.

i just asked Him to guide me

so i can be stronger

i just whispered to Him to take good care of us

while time and distance is between us

i thank God for making these things

i bet He does not want to see me cry

he might have heard me crying at night

calling your name, wishing you are here beside me

hugging each oth er as what we used to

perhaps, i have to forget crying

but never will i forget about you

in every thing that comes on my way,

there is the goal

we are both aspiring

both of our ways are gearing

towards the fulfillment of our dreams

to be together

after the time and distance we have.


  1. i know you miss your partner so much... huhuhuhu :(

  2. i miss my partner terribly... hayyy


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