Thursday, June 2, 2005

at last

I am through with my PRC application. It was really tasking though lesser than I imagined after seeing the lines and crowding people in PRC compound. Good thing, our classmate/class president helped the class to do it in a lesser tasking process. Actually I got scared while my papers were being evaluated. I thought I would never be able to submit my application since there was a problem with my NSO authenticated birth certificate. The information written on the NSO security paper was beyond recognition and I was asked to request something readable from the local registry. But time is the essence. I went to the local registry office at around 2 pm. Grabe ang haba ng pila ng tao. Do I just hurried back home to get the unauthenticated copy I have been keeping since I was in college (i think). Then I went back to PRC and showed that to the person assisting us. She accepted it. I was glad she considered that copy. Later on, everything went smoothly. I paid forthe documentay stamps and application fee. Then when finally it was accetped, gusto kong magtatalon sa tuwa. Together with other three classmates who encountered some difficulties during the application process, I headed back home. Tired and hungry, I preferred to sleep.

Review classes will start this Sunday and nine sundays after that. Please pray for me. Last year only 27% of those who took the exams passed. I hope and pray that I will be included to those who will pass this year. Actually, I am eyeing to be at least in the Top 2o of board passers.


  1. good luck with the review... and the exams (tho i didn't quite get which profession you're into) :)

    and thank you for passing by my blog...

    and no, it's not tying the knot... it's a lot less expensive but a hundred times more liberating *wink*

  2. the same as your profession... *wink* Did the Mayor release the salary already?

    sobrang curious na me dyan ah.. thanks for passing by my space...

  3. sis :)

    good luck... my cousin is taking the board naman for Nursing...this sunday din...

    good luck to you :) just bring in enough candies... i think when i took the same exam... i had so much candy and water with me :D

    and oh.. Mayor Atienza has already signed my papers, i have yet to submit my time record and stuff tho :)


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