Friday, May 27, 2005

for you...

soon you will be leaving me behind to seek for greener pasture and to begin to realize your dreams... we have so many dreams.. a lot of plans... i am keeping my fingers crossed that they would never be another wishful thinkings..

since the day you told me that everything is set, i've been denying the sadness in my eyes.. i've been trying to hide the fear i have in my heart... for we are not sure what's store for us at the end of the road.

perhaps, i have been selfish because i have been keeping you. because i do not want to lose you... but this time, i do not want to be selfish anymore.. you will be in my heart as always.. you will be kept in my mind as always... go and follow your dreams.. if heaven will grace us more, we will be seeing each other again.. two years.. three years from now.. i do not know what will happen in between, at any rate, i will rely on your words.. on your promises... that one day soon.. things will be on our side...


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