Saturday, August 6, 2005

now it is near

one week more and i will be faces with another great battle of my life - the board exam. honestly, i am not yet prepared. i am not yet through with my review.yes, tomorrow is the last day of the review classes. we will also have our pre-board exam. i hope to pass the LET with a better rating. I want to have a high rating. actually, i was hoping to land in any of the top 20 slots. but i guess that is not feasible now. i can feel the pressure. last week, i dreamt that i topped this year's LET. i hope it will not be the other way of it in the real life.

my friends, please include me in your prayers.

i badly need it!


  1. will pray for you pal ;)

    good luck :)

  2. you passing the let... no doubt about it! i'm with you all the way. God bless!!!

  3. I've included you in my personal prayer time my friend.

  4. For those who have prayed for me. thank you... thank you so much!


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