Saturday, March 12, 2005

another sem

One more Saturday to go and another semester is done! yipeee!!!

Can I consider this semester as more productive or should I say more demanding?

Now reviewers must be prepared for the final examinations. We will be having finals in both subjects. I have this feeling that one of the professors will give witty questions... I think it is in her personality.


I am already done with the storyline of my first novel. I hope to get it done after three months. I really want to do it... ala lang.. feel ko lang.. hehehehe....

happy weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. wow, sinusulat mo pala ang first novel day baka nakahilira ka na sa mga famous novelists. pag inumpisahan mo kaibigan, do it hanggang matapos, no matter how lo long it would take. good luck talaga...kayang-kaya mo yan.

    enjoy the weekend!

  2. thanks, metal! now i am doing an outline... sana nga matapos ko in three to four months time...

    happy weekend!


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