Thursday, March 10, 2005

hoy much have i learned?

i didn't go to work today.. i do not feel well... well for days now i have not feeling well. this tie i really need to stay at home and have a good rest...

how can i if something has been bugging me? i feel so restless and worrisome... damn it! for how many times i have told myself to just leave it alone and set myself free from anything that has anything to do with it. but here I am.. going nuts over it..

lagi na lang bang ganun? nakakapagod na.. ayaw ko na... tama na.. hanggang dito na lang ang lahat...


  1. hello really need a rest, physically and mentally as well...take timeout and let yourself recuperate.

    i think you'll have to resolve the "thing" that has been bugging you else it would always come back or even haunt you...makikita mo magkakaroon ka ng peace of mine.

    gud luck!

  2. i can understand exactly how u feel,we have been thro it too,the only advise i can give you is..out side ur bed room do ,think cry if u like to about everything related to that "thing"but the moment u close that door,make sure to leave it all behind..and get some rest!

    therz always a hope!

  3. @metal... i think i am halfway of resolving that "thing." unti na lang i will finally settle it!

    @bubwit... slowly i am doing it... now i am trying not to dwell on it too much... that shall pass, i always say


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