Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to you.. Again!

Few days from now, you ‘ll turn one.. again.
It has been a year and as what you promised to yourself, you’ll never waste the second chance to live. I remember exactly one year ago when you were complaining about the pain. You thought it was the regular pain that Kremil S or Ranitide can cure. But you were wrong. You took the next level and asked for pain killer the next time you had an attack.
But it was just temporary. The hard-headed you went to your doctor for an advice. Fortunately, she’s more hard-headed than you are and didn’t take “No” for an answer. She sensed something was terribly wrong with you that she admittedly you immediately.
She was right. That same night, your first night at the hospital, you had an attack. It was the most painful of all attacks that you had. You were given  a pain killer but after three hours, there was pain again. Then another shot of different kind, but after three hours, the pain was radiating. You were then given two shots – a pain killer and a shot to put you into sleep so you won’t  feel pain in case the effects of the pain killer wears off.
You had high fever. The infection already set in your body system. After two days, you were subjected to an open surgery that lasted for three hours. Three hours after that, you found yourself in the recuperating table. Then another hour, you found yourself in a room where you spent the next seven days of your stay in the hospital.
“Muntik ka nang mamatay,” your sister told you.  ”Buti na lang nagpa-admit ka na. Kung hindi, baka hindi ka narito ngayon. Sa iba ka nakahiga.”

You were shocked to learn the news. The operation took more than the usual or normal procedure time.  Your doctor was tensed and feared to commit any mistake. Supposedly, it was just a normal procedure for her, but your case was different. Thanks to her. She was good to keep you alive.
A year after, here you are. Trying to realize what you promised yourself to do. You committed to redirect your life. You gave yourself a year to see if there will be changes with your routine, with the stressors around you. Nothing has changed. But you want change. And you are making some changes in your life.
Happy birthday to you. It has been another year and I am looking forward to another year and year and year of changes in your life.

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