Saturday, April 10, 2010

of work, of headache, of dieting

it has been a toxic week for me.

there were meetings as in daily meetings of different concerns. some are relevant to my KRAs and some are not but still my presence was needed.

i have never done the 700 calories daily intake. it was better planned than done. but still i never exceeded my original plan of 2000 daily calories.

what did was, i packed my sandwiches for lunch and early dinner, my cans of juices, and fruits. mind you, no coffee... but on the third day, there went my migraine. ^$&%^%

i am a coffee addict. it perks up my blood to send signal to my neurons to make my brain functional.

what should i try this week?

who want to go on walking on sunday?

after digging in my piles of DVD, i found my copy of certain DVDs on exercises. but lazy lazy me....