Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If it can be imagined, then it can be done!

Nope not that three two-digit numbers that everybody is waiting for!

I weighed in early this morning. I cannot believe what I saw in the scale. Last week, I weighed in and my scale tipped to 240 lbs. This morning, I weighed in again to check on my progress, I saw 232 lbs. WHOA! That is 8 lbs!

I couldn't believe it so I ask my friend to weigh in and check if our weighing scale is malfunctioning. He said it's just fine. So it means I really lost 8 lbs this week. Is it healthy?

Anyway, the following are the number of steps I made for the dates indicated:
February 2 - 11073 steps

February 1 - 7339 steps
January 31 - 8018 steps
January 30 - 8710 steps
January 29 - 7640 steps
January 28 - 7272 steps
January 27 - 0 (this is a Sunday, and I forgot to bring my Pedo Dido with me)

I am happy! I am happy! I am happy!

I remembered what my professor said today: "If it can be imagined, then it can be done!" She said she read the sentence from a billboard in HongKong a long time ago when she went there as a visiting professor.

So I imagine myself to be fit and healthy. Then it can be done!

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