Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is South Beach Diet Good for Me?

South Beach Diet, or SBD as others call it, has been in the papers as many Filipino socialites and celebrities tried it and really amazed with the results.

So I tried to search for it. Last time I read about it, the dishes in the menu are really Westernized. Though the dishes are American-based, resourceful Filipino chefs made various South Beach recipes that are really Pinoy. There are several catering establishments that are preparing set meals and delivered to the houses of their customers. There are restaurants too serving South Beach Diet dishes.

So now that these establishments are around, dishes are no longer an issue. But now I am bothered with the price. Can I handle it? A meal set meaning per day costs something like over a thousand bucks. And i cannot really afford that. How I wish I can get a copy of the localized South Beach diet and prepare my own set of meals.

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