Wednesday, September 1, 2010

painful losing

i planned to lose 10 lbs last month. but I tell you i think i gained weight in trying to lose that much. i was such a bum.. a loafer.. a couch potato.

last saturday morning, my friend accompanied me to the laboratory where his sister is working as a medical technologist. he persuaded me to have my blood tested. yup, everything is normal expept for my uric acid level. it is slightly higher than the normal value. psychological perhaps, last night i felt the pain in my feet. they were not that painful before. well perhaps, the culprit were my slippers. i walked to and from my way to work. at least i tried to skip two short rides so that i can have a little exercise. if i would continue on this walking thing, i must buy a new pait of walking-friendly slippers. something with cushion that will not trigger the pain in my feet.

what is the best way to avoid eating rice? i think i am carbohydrate addict. no matter how much i avoid to eat rice or bread, still my addiction gets me to eat. argh! i love to think.. to plan.. but i lack the drive to put my plans to realization. see! i am evaluating myself before anybody does. let me do the work.

being big is painful.. emotionally and physically. and i am letting this happen to me. maybe hi-calcium milk can help me. no-rice diet can also help me... all-fruits diet can also help me.. but how can i help myself?

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