Saturday, February 26, 2005

takot at kabado

I was scared. I thought I lost my-just-finished-to-be passed-tomorrow module to the virus that hit my PC. I should never ever again trust diskettes from the office. But I should also learn my lesson to scan the disks I use.

At last, I am through with the module. I just hope that our EDUC9 professor will like it. I must be prepared for the micro-teaching in EDUC 4. I am scheduled on the 5th of March. And of course, the portfolio for EDUC 4 too. God! I have to finish the reflection paper for that.


Tonton likes Tot. Whenever I am home, he will always ask me to call Tot's house so they can talk over the phone. Just early this evening, Tot called me on the phone but I missed it. Tonton was in our house so he talked with Tot. You know what he did? He sang to Tot... His classic Happy Birthday song, and the Let-the-Love-begin and Wag-na-wag-mong- Sasabihin Medley. He knows Tot's name, too. He often asks me "Tot," and I have to explain to him that Tot is working so they cannot play together. By the way, he is will be two this March 9.


Thanks heaven, my dear foster son is okay now. He didn't go to school last week because he's sick, tonsilities and over fatigue. I rushed home from the office last Thursday because my mother called me to be home early. So instead of enjoying the night with my officemates, I was home and attending to his needs. My mother told me that he was crying that morning and calling out my name. He asked my mother to give me, anyway. He's extra sweet when he's sick. I hope he stays the same when he is sound and healthy.


  1. hello ms take care of your pc from virus...malaking perwesyo idudulot niyan. nabaliw ako noon ng ma-virus ang importanteng server na inaalagaan ko noon, yung worm...three weeks kong inayus. talagang masakit sa ulo.

    ey, kumusta na lang sa son mo...pagaling siyang mabuti, tc!

  2. Thanks, metal! yup, magaling na sya. ayun makulit na naman... uso yata ang sakit ngayon eh.. siguro dahil na rin sa panahon...


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