Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Knocked out!

Yes, I was totally knocked out last night. I came home around six in the evening and as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, the next moment I opened my eyes was around three to have a warm bath. I am usually uncomfortable hitting the sack with refreshing myself. But last night, I never cared at all. I just wanted to have a good rest.

Whew! I was totally peeved with my menstrual cramps yesterday. Unlike with previous months, the first day of my monthly flow this time was really painful. I was not sure what's the reason but it was totally different.

I remembered my first menstruation. I felt pain for two days and I was totally bedridden. So glad that it happened on a school break when I was in fifth grade so I didn't miss any classes.

After a good sleep and a warm bath, now I am back on my toes. I am craving for chocolates...


The church wedding of Cris, Tonet's youngest sis, will be on Saturday. Toni asked Alene and I to host the wedding reception. DRESS CODE: long gown!!!! OMG! I am not one of those who's comfortable with gowns... never... Tot suggested that I wear a dress, instead. whoaaaattttt..... Anything to be considered formal but not as formal as long gown. Sayang sana may swimwear competition. Pasok pa ako siguro... bwaaaaahahahaha... TOINK!!!

But I am thinking of wearing a pair of black pants, pink sleeveless tops, cover my pata tim arms with a balck shawl and of course, my ever reliable boots.... hay... I realized, I do not have any girl shoes in my rack... all boys' shoes and slippers... ang hirap!. kakahiya kay Tonet pag hindi ako sumipot eh.

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