Thursday, December 15, 2011

Search for a Suitable Fitness Equipment

After my check-up with an endocrinologist yesterday, I am now in search for a fitness equipment suitable for my needs. The talk with the doctor set my direction on striving to keep myself healthy. 

When I had my first check-up with my OB-Gyne, she asked me to see an endocrinologist to work up on some clearances I need for my weight issue which has a great effect on my PCOS condition. I am not diabetic based on the random sugar testing done to me yesterday. But being morbidly obese is such a condition that I need to address if I really want to be free from PCOS and be alive ten years from now.
I asked if any medical procedure is possible to which my endocrinologist replied negatively. He said that there are ways to trim down safely without going under the knife. It is the same reason why there are reality shows like The Biggest Loser and Heavy because they want to tell the public that eating the right food, exercising with or without any fitness equipment, and having a healthy and active lifestyle are big steps to achieve a weightloss goal. 

With a BMI equivalent to 45 for an Asian, I am beyond Obese II classification. I am now weighing 267 lbs standing 5'3, I only need to take 1,600 calories daily. Now I am working on ways to divide this intake in six smalls meals from breakfast to midnight snacks. 

Now, aside from brisk walking, I better get the right fitness equipment I can put at home. Yes, I am not a gym fanatic, but I think having a fitness equipment at home can help me a lot. What do you think? So what are the possible fitness equipment I can get for home?  

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