Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oatmeal oatmeal oatmeal

I woke up early today because I need to early for my class since I was assigned to present my topic today. Actually earlier than what I intended to because i needed to prepare my breakfast - oatmeal and a can of tuna. I cooked the oatmeal as a replacement to my rice and had the tuna as my viand.

I have been into this "diet" since Tuesday. I have been eating coked oatmeal with my ulam. I eat it plain. No sugar. No milk. Fortunately, I am liking it.

I must admit that I am not to serious with my diet since I still eat regular food or food I have used to eat but in moderate portions.

What I noticed with having oatmeal everyday is that I tend to drink more water. I can now finish 1.2 liters of water while I am in the office and I do not get hungry easily.

So things went fine. But when I got to school, I hurriedly looked for a CR. I need to poopee... The effects of oatmeal "diet".

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