Monday, March 15, 2010

Depression as a Motivation

Strange? Perhaps. But it is happening to me now.

My youngest sister starts with her new hobby, scrapbooking. So she got all the picture albums ans started to dig to all those pictures. Then she showed to me my past pictures. If I am not mistaken, those pictures were taken four or three years ago. I was not that big. And depression started to sink in.

I got depressed because I pity myself for getting this big. I can't wear clothes I like. I can;t find the perfect fit shoes. I am embarrass to ride in jeepneys because the usual for for 6 people become good for 5 because I occupy to much space. Some kids are teasing me when I pass by in front of them and calling me names.

But I realized, why I should be sad about it. I should take it as a challenge. I want to go back to that body size. So I dug the meal plan my girl friend asked her girl friend dietitian to do for me. I would complement that to my walking every day.

I have been walking but rarely I reach my target 10,000 steps a day. And I have been good lately in drinking milk. I am trying to drink milk not only to help me with my diet also to help my aging bones.

The meal plan illustrates the food I have to consume in a day. And following that as a guide, I am making my meal plan for a week. Logging food I consume is another way to help me in my weight loss. I am consulting a nutritionist at the of February.

To help me with my blogging, I am looking for a web tool to show my progress in everything I do to lose weight. - my daily steps, calories intake and others.

So if you know any tool, please let me know.

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