Sunday, May 15, 2005

sa wakas

at last the summer class is over... it went for 19 days. it was supposed to be 18 days only but we had to make up for the May 2 declared non-working holiday. experiences from the self-imposed stress and pressure? a lot.. in both subjects, i was one of those who were first assigned to do the oral presentation. as in we were assigned yesterday and we have to present it to tday. think of time constraints considering that i still have to work after classes... whew! not to mention the requirements.. the paper.. review of related literature and related studies.. plus synthesis of a four-unit course, plus a portfolio for our Measurement and Evaluation subject, mid-term and final exams, plus output of six group activities in our EDUC 7 class where we have to come up with a portfolio... grabeh talaga.. as in every day there is something you are expected to come up with. of course you ave to come prepared in the class for recitation... kakaibang experience talaga... i learned pagod in its truest sense... never akong mag-complain pag pagod na sa wok pero for the past weeks, i always complain na pagod ako sobra.. after iskul, i have to rush to work and during breaks i have to squeeze in some school works... tapos pagdating ng bahay aral na naman.. ang hirap talga pag pahirapan ang sarili... but i had fun too... my classmates are funny and jolly.. no dull moments during class.. there were new faces but gladly we glued smoothly...


  1. at least you made it..

    u have a couple of dayw remaining to enjoy summer :D

  2. thanks michz! musta ang iyong blue baby? tapoas na sya?


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