Sunday, March 27, 2005

the week that was

Until now I can still feel the pain even after a two-day rest. I have pain in my hips, my thighs, down to my legs and feet. Whew! That was the result of not having a good stretching before going for a more or less eight hours of walking.

Tot and I did the Bisita Iglesia or Stations of the Cross last Thursday in observing the LEnten Season. We visited 14 churches within the ever busy but beautiful Manila. We met at around 7 am and with our list of 14 churches and a liter of water, we headed to Intramuros by a jeepney. Our original plan was to start with Manila Cathedral a the first station then San Agustin. However, there was a mass at the Manila Cathedral when we arrived. The lady marshals did not allow us to go around and look for the first station. Perhaps she thought we were just loittering around. The church was really jam-packed. I saw some people seated on the floor. So we headed to San Agustin Church to do the first station and from there, work on with the rest of the 13 churches.

We visited the following churches for the Station of the Cross.
1. San Agustin Church
2. Sta. Cruz Church
3. Quiapo Church
4. Basilica de San Sebastian
5. San Miguel Archangel within the Malacanang area
6. St . Jude also within the Malacanang area
7. San Beda Church in Mendiola
8. St. Francis de Assisi in Bustillos
9. Loreto Church, the one-step-away church (literally) from St. Francis de Assissi
10. the UST Chapel/Church
11. a church in Calamba Street
12. San Jose de Manuguit Church
13. San Roque Church in Blumentritt
14. Espiritu Santo Church in Tayuman

That was 14 churches to complere the Station of the Cross. It was the first time that I visited 14 churches. when I was younger, my sisters and I would visit seven churches and do two Stations of the Cross in every church. in all.

Tot and I might have reached as far as Our Lady of Lourdes and Santa Teresita Church in Quezon City if didn’t remember about the twin churches in Legarda area. We also did our station at the nearby kikiam and squid ball stand near St. Jude Church and Wendy’s along Dapitan for lunch.

We enjoyed the walk not only as part of our exercise regimen but more importantly as our religious obligation as a Catholic. We took the chance to spend more time with each other, bonding ‘ba?, since we were busy for the past weeks with our own things. I was busy with work because of webhost testing and with school because of final exams and requirements to submit. Tot was also busy when realtives from abroad came to visit.

Last Sunday, Tot and I went for a wqalk along Baywalk so we can also attend the mass in Malate Church since it was Palm Sunday. It is really a small world. The couple we saw last Sunday in that area with their cute puppy was the same couple we saw in one of the churches we visited last Thursday. One of them recognized us too when she smiled on us.

Until now i can't help but smile whenever I am reminded by these puppies we saw last Sunday. There are cute little bulldogs in Baywalk. They were jogging along with their owner and they were ahead of these two BIG pitbulls. I thought it was the pitbulls. Sabi ko kay Tot, "Grabe naman makahingal ang mga pitbulls na iyon." Then Tot corrected me, "Hindi sila yun ah.. yung mga bulldog puppies iyon." "Ha!?" I can't belived it so I observed the pitbulls anf the bulldog puppies. Hehehehe.. Sila nga... ang kyut nila sobra... I really can't imagine a how those little cute bulldog puppies can produce that hingal sound.

Finally the semester is over!!! But it was really a pain in the ass before we can call it a semester. Well buti na lang i enjoyed doing this artsy-crafty portfolio where i got a perfect points. I will scan or take a picture of what I did so I can share it with you. I tried leaves painting on every page of it instead of using a plain bond paper only. Then i also used dried flowers and leaves to decorate the cover... then i used strings to hold the pages and its cover... by the way, i used the colored green as its motif since i used plants in it.

Naku, come third week of April, school time again for me. I will spend my morning at school, and the rest of the day at work. That was the arrangement my immediate superior and I agreed upon. She gave me that suggestion instead of filing a two-week leave. Better I guess.

Kaya if ever mapansin po ninyong hindi ako nakakapag-update ng aking blog kahit man lang minsan sa isang linggo, please rush to the nearby emergency room to check on me. hehehehe



  1. Happy Easter! I love your new layout and color scheme. Hope to see a working tagboard soon my friend.

  2. hello! nice skin! how are you? how's the soap biz coming along?


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