Xmas is near, Second sem is here!!!!

10:17:00 AM


i am almost done with my Christmas shopping..for my inaanaks, sisters,and nephews. i still have to buy some for my friends and opismates. But i am still thinking if I will buy them gifts or i will just make personalized gifts for them. Sort of a giveaway this Christmas since they had been good to me as an opismate and they were my clients as well.

Good news!!!! i will be coming out with my herbal soaps soon. I will have orange papaya, green papaya, oatmeal, calamansi, acapulco, tawas, kamias, and more... i wish this will push through this time. I need to be busy...I need to deviate my attention... I need to earn more money since it is tuition fee time again..yup! second semester is here and i have to pay my tuition fee.. plus my youngest sis has to pay her tuition fee too.

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  1. Do you give out trial soaps? Hehehehe.

  2. hehehe..sure!!! I will inform you when it is ready. thanks for dropping by


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