Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Taking Medicine Pills

Maybe because of its taste or my inability to swallow a pill, I have grown this fear of taking medicine whenever I get sick.

I grew up not taking any vitamin pill. The only vitamin I knew was Tikitiki. I had this when I was a baby, mother said. My sisters younger than me had too. Even my niece and nephews. But Tikitiki is a a syrup. No effort to swallow. It immediately flows down in your throat. But to take pills? That was a big battle then between my mother and I. Read more>>>

What Extreme Dieting Can do

It is on the news. Hollywood actor Christian Bale reportedly lost 60 lbs just for his role in the movie, The Machinist, in 2004. He was on a strict diet of apple and tuna a day. I wonder if it means he consumed only tuna and apple in a day or in every meal?

Based on, a medium-sized apple has 72 calories while a cup of solid or chunk tuna has 139 calories only. Given this, I guess he consumed the duo in every meal. ..

Hence he was under a 600-calorie diet when he lost that big amount of weight. It was just a guess.

According to his interview, he was more calm when he lost weight but he does not recommend to other to do it. And he's not doing it again to lose weight for this next movie.

I think 600-calorie diet is too much. How about 800-calorie diet?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A night of good things!

The year 2010 will soon be over. It may be too early, but I think it is best to bid good bye to the soon-to-go year with gratitude. The year brought more of good things than bad things to me. And I feel blessed and I am thankful!

I saw new faces. I met new friends.  I've been to different places. And most of all, this year has witnessed the two pivotal decisions I made in my life!

So to avoid the rush come New Year and in the celebration of Thanksgiving, I invited few friends to come over for dinner. I love to cook for family and friends. Though this time, I tried to prepare something different from what I have been doing for the past years. Read more>>>