Sunday, May 6, 2007

it is may already and I am not successful

when i modified this space, my objective was to chronicle my weightloss journey. now i have been guilty of so many reasons. since i started with my other job, my daily schedule was in chaos. I wake up at 9 am to hurry to go to the morning job which runs until 4pm. my night job starts at 5pm until 9pm. i reach home by 10pm and have a decent meal since i cannot afford to eat in day time. and then stay up late until 2am to prepare my lessons for the following day.

i think i added more inches around my waist. tsk...

but classes are over and i am preparing for the next batch. i have a better schedule now. my class is from monday to friday, 8am to 12noon. i can have a decent lunch and my next job starts at 1pm until 7pm perhaps. i can do my night walking and be home at around 830pm. i am planning to skip dinner or have a very light dinner and sleep at 12 midnight. then wake up at 6am in the morning since i need to leave by 7am.

I hope this time this works. i am hope God will bless me more with discipline to be able to do it right this time.

i have been collecting my memories of the past. meaning what i did in the past when i was able to successfully lose 40 lbs from my weight. I felt so light then and active. honestly, i am eager to lose now since i no longer feel good about myself.